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The trailer axle and the trailer hubs are the most integral parts of your trailer running gear. They attach the wheels to the chassis and keep the positioning of the wheels to carry the weight of the trailer as well as cargo. The axle soaks up both speeding up and braking forces of your vehicle. It likewise plays a main duty in stopping, steering, and driving.

TOW-MAX has a wide range of axles and hubs for light trailers, light trucks, agricultural machinery, etc. We also provide spare parts for the repair and maintenance of tow axles and hubs. We are working with the leading trailer parts and accessories manufacturer in China, which offers excellent value in the industry from other suppliers.

Our experienced team has been dedicated to designing and manufacturing trailers parts for over 15 years to bring the best quality axle, hub, and components to our valued customers. You can trust us when we say that there is nothing that we cannot help you with regarding the trailer axle and hub.

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