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Best bearing kits and hub spares for trailer repair


• Excellent quality bearing kits and hubs.
• Perfect bearing size to fit with the hubs.
• Very easy to install and replace.
• Resistant to overheating.
• Rust resistant for the salty environment and boat trailer.
• Great oil seals are installed.
• Bearings turn smoothly with minimal grease.
• Handle heavy loads well.

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Tow-Max offers the best possible solutions for bearing Kits and hub spares. The replacement parts are simple to replace. Anything you'll need to keep your trailer's wheels and brakes in good working order and a stable manner. From trailer wheel bearings to brake drums and all in between, we've got you covered. We manufacture all spare parts and full hub assemblies. Both of our trailer hub components, brakes, and spares are of the highest standard to ensure that your trailer wheel continues to turn and stop properly.

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