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The trailer tires are manufactured for hauling vehicles with the thicker sidewalls. It assists in managing objects which could be projected with it. The tires can’t maintain traction as the treads of tire are not thick like car tires.

Generally, two types of trailer tires are available like radial and bias-ply and there are individual advantages of each type.

From steel to alloy wheels, we can offer specific parts that are high in demand within your target market while offering competitive pricing on our trailer tires and wheels. Secure your order today!

Heavy Duty Steel Rims

Heavy Duty Steel Rims
For Light Truck and Agricultrure Application

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ST Trailer Tires and wheels Combo

Excellent safety performance
Low rolling resistance and anti
Wear compound on the tread

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Eruope Market Trailer Steel Rims
  • Designed for Eruope & Russia & Middle East Market
  • Stable balance, without leaking
  • Durable exterior finish, ideal for harsh winter conditions
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Trailer Steel Rims
  • Sturdy steel construction.
  • Features the popular pattern with 8-spoke and Modular
  • Welcome to use in North America and Austraila and also South Africa market.
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Trailer Alloy Rims

Provide customers with our stylish alloy wheels that come in numerous designs and sizes to help you accommodate different tastes.

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ATV Steel Rims
  • Large bell versions
  • Ideal for ATV and UTV applications
  • High-quality wheels with reasonable prices
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8 Factors You Need to Consider When Purchasing Trailer Tires and Wheels


Tires are manufactured considering the driving conditions like the climate where you are driving to accomplish maximum efficiency. At the time of purchase decision, you should find the season or year-round the tires will be used to make sure that the tires can sustain in the weather conditions.

Types Of Tire Construction

You should consider several things like guidelines of manufacturer, application and handling condition of a trailer to purchase the tire types. For example, if the trailer needs to take a long trip frequently, the radials tires require to add extra cost.

Load Range Rating

The sidewall of the tire shows the load ranges from the lightest weight to the heaviest weight. The load ranges refer to the maximum capacity that can be carried by a single tire with the loaded cargo—the calculation of load capacity measured by both tires. For example, if a single tire can carry 1820 pounds, two tires carry take a total of 3,640 pounds.

Tire Size

You can prefer either bias ply or radial trailer tires. It is recommended to choose the right tire size recommended by the manufacturer.

Bolt pattern & Bolt circle

Understanding the bolt circle and pattern of your trailer’s wheel is very important. To avoid any disturbing revelations, you should buy perfect the trailer tire to match up to it.

Tire life

Generally, tires' life is measured by the mileages. Different tires have different life span though famous brands have better performances. You have to calculate the life expectancy of your tires according to your needs and budget.

Speed rating

You should choose the right tires according to your required speed. You can find the letter grade of speed on each tire for the safe driving.

Ride noise

Generally, tires make noise because of air trapped in the tread pattern on the highway. Also, tread elements create a rhythmic percussion at the time of hitting the road surface continuously. If you want to enjoy a comfortable tire with a low road-noise, you can use touring tires that are designed for low-speed rating.

Usage & Maintenance of Trailer Tire and Wheels

Keep Proper Tire Pressure

Keep Proper Tire Pressure

Maintaining trailer tires inflated to the recommended PSI variety will certainly conserve wear as well as improve performance.
When the tire stress is expensive, utilize the side of the tire gauge to gently push the tire shutoff stem to slowly release air till the correct tire stress is gotten to.
When the pressure of tire is too low, calculate the distinction between the actual tire stress and the correct tire pressure. These "missing out on" extra pounds are the stress you require to include.

Protect Trailer Tires from the Sun

Protect Trailer Tires from the Sun

UV rays can create trailer substances to break down. When the trailer was parked outdoors, it is best to cover the trailer tire with wheel covers or UV reflective products.

Protect Trailer Tires from the Ground, When Parked

Protect Trailer Tires from the Ground, When Parked

When a trailer is parked, the pressure brought on by the weight of the trailer is completely pressed on the same set of the tire as well as can harm it. Specifically, on warm asphalt, long term contact with the ground can cause completely dry rot.
One method to avoid the warmth and also postpone the beginning of completely dry rot is to boost the tires away from the ground when they are not in use. An additional technique is to position the wheels on a thin sheet of plywood to ensure that the tires are not in direct contact with the hot ground.
When positioned for extended periods, the trailer should be moved occasionally so that the tires are not pressurized against the same contact point for long periods.

Trailer Tires and Wheels FAQs

How often should trailer tires be checked?

Ideally, tire checks should be performed monthly.

How can you protect trailer tires from dry rot?

Tire tread compounds change with the season, temperature, and road conditions.
One way to avoid dry rotting and slow the rate at which tires age is to rise up trailer tires when they are not in use. Keep them off the ground. Another option is to place the wheels on thin plywood so that the tires are not in direct contact with the hot ground.

How long do trailer tires last?

Regardless of mileage, most trailer tires last between 3 and 7 years.

How to Know if It’s Time to Replace Trailer Tires?

Measure the depth of the tread. Officially, you require to change tires when the remaining tread depth 2/32”.
Check to confirm if there is any for uneven tread wearing, and the tread isn’t damaged. It should be at the down of the center or on the outer edges. The uneven tread wearing shows the safety issues with your trailer tires.

Make a perfect inspection. Heat and moisture are the greatest rivals of tires. They can break down the tire rubber over time and cause dry rot.

Take into consideration your tire’s age. In general, the longevity of a tire is five years, whether it is used or not! of course, heavy use will reduce this lifespan, which is why weighing the age of your tire along with the above variables is essential.

How can I know if I have a Radial or Bias trailer tire currently?

Radial trailer tires always have the letter "R" in the tire name. For example, the 175/80R13 is a 13-inch radial trailer tire.
However, the 175/80D13 is an offset ply trailer tire. While all radial tires have the letter "R" in their name, not all bias-ply tires contain the letter "D."

How to keep trailer tires from blowing out?

A trailer overloaded, or loaded unevenly, can cause tire weight to become too heavy and cause a blowout.
Be sure to load all cargo as evenly as possible within the trailer's recommended weight limit to avoid this problem of blowing out.

What’s the difference between a trailer tire and a regular tire?

The main difference is that the trailer tire sidewall will be thicker, designed to improve the trailer load capacity.

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