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Ideal equipped for light truck and agricultrure machines

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Heavy Duty Steel Rims For Light Truck and Agricultrure Machine

  • Using high-performance steel, high strength, good stability, strong bearing capacity
  • The rim adopts the tire protection design to extend the tire life and reduce the tire burst accident
  • Special equipment processing, high precision, uniform force, effectively improve the life of the wheel
  • Advanced cathodic electrophoresis + baking paint is adopted for surface coating to effectively improve the rust resistance of the steel ring
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TOW-MAX supplies outstanding value in the heavy-duty steel rims production, suitable for light trucks and agriculture machines.We make the Rims with the finest finishing, best runout, lightest weight, competitive price. Each wheel is made to offer better functionalities and features with the best price that creates extraordinary value to dealers.
Wheel design develops significantly because the current advanced agriculture equipment rises in size and weight. It's the motive we effort with OEMs to offer advanced solutions for a diversity of agriculture equipment. Considering the wheels require longer-lasting, we developed the features for long service life. Our innovation includes powder-coated components, high-quality welds, and durable steel.


Series Number Size No. of Studs P.C.D (inch) P.C.D (mm) Center Bore Offset Max.Load  (lbs) Unit Wt. (kg) Qty / Pallet
HDW1539F601 15.3×9.0″ Flat 6 205 161 0
HDW1606D801 16″x6″ Dual 8 6.5 165.1 121.1 136 3860
HDW1606D802 16″x6″ Dual 8 6.5 165.1 124 136 3860
HDW1706F801 17.5×6.75″ Flat 8 6.5 165.1 121 -12.7 6005
HDW1706S801 17.5×6.75″ 8 soft 8 6.5 165.1 121 -12.7 5956
HDW1706S802 17.5×6.75″ 8 soft 8 6.5 165.1 121 17 5956
HDW1706D801 17.5×6.75″ Dual 8 6.5 165.1 121 144 5675
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