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Trailer leaf springs are an important component of the suspension system, yet they are often overlooked until something goes wrong. They serve as the suspension system’s shock absorbers. When you strike bumps and uneven areas on the road, they bend to provide you a smooth ride. We also offer replacement components for the trailer leaf spring and trailer suspension parts.

Tow-max stock rocker roller suspension kits、tandem rocker suspension kits、slipper spring hanger, etc for all types of trailers. Including boat trailer, utility trailer, dump trailer, horse float, catering trailer, snowmobile trailers, camper trailer, and more.

Our raw materials are sourced from China’s most reputable manufacturers.  Tow-max trailer suspension parts offer consistent performance with high quality and durability. Tow-max is a reliable trailer suspension parts supplier.

US Type Double Eye Springs

• Better weight distribution.
• Reduces wear and tear on trailer.
• Ensures level ride on bumpy and uneven surfaces.

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US Type Slipper Springs

• Multiple leaves that absorb road shock for smooth, quiet rides.
• Slipper end slides into hanger or equalizer.
• Has the least moving parts of all springs.

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Aus Type Double Eye Springs

• Flexible to absorb road vibrations and provide a comfortable ride
• Ensures a smooth ride on rocky and uneven ground
• Load sharing suspension

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Aus Type Slipper Springs

• High quality and larger bushing in eyes
• Suitable for both single axle and tandem axle trailers
• High load capacity and provide a comfortable ride

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Tandem Rocker Roller Spring Set

• Rocker Roller Assembly is available upon request
• Economy option for setting up a tandem wheeled trailer
• Shot peened hardened springs

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Axle U-Bolt Kits

• Attaches leaf springs to trailer axle.
• Zinc plated or hot dip galvanized for corrosion reistance.

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Spring Hanger Kits

• Allows of hanging of leaf springs.
• All-steel construction for superior strength and durability.
• Can be painted or coated after installation.

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Off Road Rebound Springs

• The spring can flatten if it is not fully loaded.
• Suspension system that is both effective and long-lasting.
• Durability in harsh off-road conditions.

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