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High quality spindle stub axles for trailers

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Spindle Stub Axle


• A wide range of sizes with quality stub axles available.
• Axles are very easy to replace.
• Sturdy steel construction to ensure durability.
• Weld-on installation offers more safety on the road.
• Capable to traverse rough roads without disturbing its load
• Improves braking characteristics, especially on slippery roads.
• Castle nut, washer, and cotter pin included

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Tow-Max prides on producing high-quality spindles. We still double-check if your axle, wheel, and tire have the same load size. The spindles are perfectly designed to have the right support and correct fit for the hubs. The shaft end is made of steel that has been forged. When in use, the forging will cause the steel fibres to follow the lines that will transport the load, ensuring reliability and protection.

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