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Ideal for use with boat, sport craft, snowmobile and other recreational trailers

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  • Swivel jacks are available in 1,000lb, 1,200lb and 1,500lb capacities
    and all include a large 1/2” pull pin to activate the swivel mechanism
  • Large comfort handle included on all models
  • 1,200lb and 1,500lb models include a four bolt pin through design
    on mounting plate for superior side load support
  • 1,000lb models include a bolt through design for side load support
  • Durable clear zinc finish
  • All bolt on models come with all mounting hardware and fits up to
    a 3”x5” trailer frame
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TOW-MAX Marine Swivel Jacks are the perfect solution for raising and lowering your boat trailer. Each of our boat jacks features a water-resistant design with a salt spray test. They also have a built-in wheel for convenient mobility. The smooth and accurate bolt-on sidewind marine swivel jack with internal gear design has a sturdy 2 1/4in. tube. The swivel mechanism is activated by a ½ inch. pull pin, allowing you to swing the jack up and out of the way when not in use. TOW-MAX Marine Swivel Jacks are manufactured to exact specifications and tolerances, using the toughest materials, precision crafting, exterior grade finishes and more, which all add up to a product you can trust !


Product Code Capacity Handle Styles Travel Bracket Height (A) Retracted Overall Height (B) Bracket Type Caster Size Finish Unit Wt. (lbs) Qty/Pallet
MJ1006Z 1,000 lb Sidewind 10″ 13-1/2″ 24″ Bolt on 6″ clear zinc plated 14.5 100
MJ1206Z 1,200 lb Sidewind 10″ 13-1/2″ 24″ Bolt on 6″ clear zinc plated 15.1 100
MJ1508Z 1,500 lb Sidewind 10″ 13-1/2″ 26″ Bolt on 8″ clear zinc plated 17.5 80
MJ1506DZ 1,500 lb Sidewind 10″ 12-1/2″ 26″ Bolt on Dual 6″ clear zinc plated 18.7 80
PW1206 1,200 lb Replacement wheel 6″ Plastic Wheel with bush & bolt & nut
PW1508 1,500 lb Replacement wheel 8″ Plastic Wheel with bush & bolt & nut
MJ2500SDZ 2,500 lb Sidewind 28″ 7″ 25-1/4″ fixed mount Foot plate clear zinc plated 24.2 80
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