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Full Range of Trailer Parts For Your Shop

Having a wide range of components is essential for your business to provide a solution for many customers in need of trailer repairs. Our sourcing abilities allow us to supply you with a diverse number of parts.

When you require specific parts that are hard to find in the market, we have our ODM/OEM services to manufacture a component with your specifications.

Low MOQ To Save Your Inventory Costs

Tow Max can alleviate stock pressure with our low MOQ requirements for all our trailer components. By buying any number of parts, you can avoid covering expenses for additional storage space.when needed.

The low MOQ can eliminate the costs for additional storage solutions to put aside unused components. You will also have enough storage space for high-demand trailer parts.

Effective Inventory Management For A Fast Delivery

With our inventory management system, we can quickly stock trailer parts from our partnered factories and have them ready for shipping. We can guarantee that you will receive the right number of trailer parts in each of your order thanks to our system.

By working with reputable logistics companies, we can also deliver your order with a short lead-time.

Comprehensive After-sales Services

We provide a complete after-sales service because we highly value long-term cooperation with your business. Our team of professional technicians can assist you with installing, maintaining, or replacing any of our trailer components.

Within 12 hours, we can send a reply to your inquiries or other assistance. Our seasoned engineers can provide web-based troubleshooting services when you need them.

Save Time & Cost By Sourcing Trailer Parts
From One Single Source!
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