Straight Beam Spring Axles

Galvanized finish straight beam spring axles suitable for utility, RV and boat trailers.

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3500 lbs capacity straight beam spring axle


• Galvanized and black painted are available
• More durability and reliability off-road.
• Parts are much more readily available.
• Assembled with hubs with super lube spindle makes more flexible use.
• More off-road capability and suspension travel

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Tow-Max manufactures premium quality straight beam spring axles to suit a variety of needs. A straight beam, drop beam, and gull-wing axles are also available for use with leaf spring suspensions. There are braking and non-braking options. Galvanized or pure metal axles are available on both axles. Axles are made from different square hollow box sections, depending on your trailer's requirements suitably for utility, RV and boat trailers.


Part Number Hub Type Capacity Seal ID Bearings Axle Length Beam Size Finish
SA750S39R None Brakes & Electric brakes 750 kgs LM type LM Bearings Customized 39mm RD Solid Black/Galv.
SA10S40S Multi-Hubs 1000 kgs LM type LM Bearings Customized 40mm SQ Solid Black/Galv.
SA1250S45S Multi-Hubs 1250 kgs SL type SL Bearings Customized 45mm SQ Solid Black/Galv.
SA20S50S Multi-Hubs 2000 kgs 55mm 25580/67048 Customized 50mm SQ Solid Black/Galv.
SA22T45R Multi-Hubs 2200 lbs 1.5″ L44649 x 2 Customized 1-3/4″RD Tube Black/Galv.
SA22T50S Multi-Hubs 2200 lbs 1.5″ L44649 x 2 Customized 2″x2″ SQ Tube Black/Galv.
SA35T60R Multi-Hubs 3500 lbs 1.71″ L68149/L44649 Customized 2-3/8″ RD Tube Black/Galv.
SA60T76R Multi-Hubs 6000 lbs 2.25″ 25580/15123 Customized 3″ RD Tube Black/Galv.
SA70T76R Multi-Hubs 7000 lbs 2.25″ 25580/14125A Customized 3″ RD Tube Black/Galv.

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