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Quality Management Starts
From Supplier Selection & Evaluation

To help ensure that our potential or existing suppliers deliver high-quality trailer parts, operate efficiently, and support continuous improvement, we'll conduct process surveys and factory audits.
Supplier Selection
Before we establish relationship with potential suppliers, we'll carry an all-round evaluation including their general operations, manufacturing capabilities, quality systems, and pricing. All of these contribute to determining if they can be our viable partners.
Regular Supplier Evaluation
To optimize the supply chain, we regularly review our suppliers' performance. The holistic assessments cover verifiable quantitative metrics, mainly including the quality, innovation & delivery. This helps us keep those suppliers who have an edge on the competition.
On-site Production Monitoring

Monitoring the quality of our trailer parts in production is vital in cases of repeated defects. This helps identify any problem occurred during the production and enables us to find an alternative solution soonest.

During the trailer parts production, we'll conduct local on-site inspection at intervals to verify that the parts meet quality standards and specifications.

Quality Inspection Before Shipment

Final quality control is essential to detect any overlooked quality defects during production.

In addition to storing our large amount of trailer parts, our 1,600-square-meter warehouse is also the place where we conduct the outgoing quality control of your trailer parts. With a comprehensive quality control process, we ensure that you can get the right amount of trailer parts with great durability.

Quantity Inspection
Visual Inspection
Functional Inspection
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