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Perfect for use on boat trailers, RV's, and utility trailers.

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Trailer Alloy Wheel Rims

  • 100% Aluminum construction gives this wheel excellent corrosion resistance
  • Light weight aluminum construction for minimal weight and maximum strength
  • Finished in black with machined accents for intense contrast
  • Gloss black paint provides beautiful aesthetics
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TOW-MAX trailer alloy wheel rims manufactured with the innovative equipment and excellent engineering team working for a quality control system, which provides an outstanding solution for your demand. Our wheels are considerably lighter than steel, which benefits a vehicle is accelerating, braking and fuel economy. The more lightweight wheels also support limiting tear and wear on other vehicle gears such as transmission, suspension and engine. Handling and steering are also often upgraded with alloy wheels.

Alloy wheels additionally allow better heat transmission and dissipation, which assists better braking. A significant essential advantage is that the wheels are more rust-resistant and corrosion compared to other metals and steel as well. This improved heat dissipation capabilities assist in early wear out keeps cooler.

We have a wide selection of affordable wholesale alloy wheels that we sourced from certified manufacturers. A low MOQ requirement for our components let you buy any number of our alloy wheels without stock pressure for your business. Secure your order today!


Series Number Size No. of Studs P.C.D (inch) P.C.D (mm) Center Bore (mm) Offset Max.Load  (lbs) Unit Wt. (kg) Qty / Pallet
04AW14501 14″x5″ 5 4.5 114.3 81.03 0 2040
04AW15501 15″x5″ 5 4.5 114.3 81.03 0 1820
04AW15502 15″x6″ 5 4.5 114.3 81.03 0 2200
04AW15601 15″x6″ 6 5.5 139.7 107.95 0 2830
04AW16601 16″x6″ 6 5.5 139.7 107.95 0 3300
04AW16801 16″x6″ 8 6.5 165.1 124.46 0 4080
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