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Off Road Rebound Springs


• It has a large load capacity and able to make off road action.
• A small ‘rebound’ spring at either end of the spring
• Perform as actual rebound characteristics.
• Durability in harsh off-road conditions.
• A steel bush has been inserted to ensure long-wearing in harsh terrains.
• Long-lasting black finish.

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Tow-Max manufactures Off-road rebound leaf springshave a rebound spring on top, with the second leaf wrapping around the eye of this spring, and are well-known for their resilience in challenging off-road conditions. To ensure prolonged wear in harsh settings, a steel bush has been inserted into the spring eye. This steel bush must be oiled regularly.


Product Code Capacity KGS./Pair No. OF LEAVES Eye To Eye Length   A Free Camber  C Eye To Center Bolt Leaf Size Hanger Center Bushing Eye ID Finish
OR60613B 1,350 6 841 158 420 60×8 mm 865 5/8″ Black
OR60715B 1,500 7 841 158 420 60×8 mm 865 5/8″ Black
OR60817B 1,750 8 841 158 420 60×8 mm 865 5/8″ Black
OR60920B 2,000 9 841 158 420 60×8 mm 865 5/8″ Black
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