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A trailer jack, also known as a hitch jack or a tongue jack, is useful equipment that every trailer owner must-have. Typically, a trailer jack is used to raise, lower, or even stabilize a trailer. It attaches to the trailer’s tongue to connect to the towing vehicle, making the towing process much simpler.

Unless you have a lot of strength, lifting your trailer by hand will be impossible. What’s more, a trailer jack can also help to keep and support the trailer frame level if it is not connected to the hitch.

Trailer jacks are used in different trailer types like boats trailer, industrial trailers,  utility trailers, and agricultural trailers. Each trailer type is designed to carry a particular kind of cargo from one point to another.

1. Different types of trailers in Australia

2. Top Brands of Trailer Jacks in Australia

3. How to Find a Trailer Jack Supplier in Australia

4. Importing Suggestions

5. About Tow-Max

1. Different types of trailers in Australia

In Australia, different types of trailers are used to haul a load. Some of the most common trailers you can expect to find on Australian roads include:

  • Boat trailer

A boat trailer is a non-powered vehicle that is designed to be pulled by a motor vehicle and used to transport or store a boat, airplane, snowmobile, or other recreational vehicle.

boat trailer



  • Caravan

A caravan trailer is popular for Australian campers and is usually towed behind a road vehicle. This travel trailer is more like a home on the road as it offers a comfortable place to sleep.         



  • Box Trailers

As the name suggests, box trailers are enclosed trailers that shield cargo load from external factors like bad weather. For this reason, it works best to carry delicate or special cargo. However, a downside of this trailer is that it is restricted in the amount of load it can hold.

box trailer


2. Top Brands of Trailer Jacks in Australia

The high demand for trailers in Australia has significantly contributed to establishing trailer jack brands in Australia. Currently, the most popular brands of trailer jacks in Australia include:

  • Fultontrailer jack

Fulton is a well-known brand of trailer jacks with standard equipment that is durable, corrosion-resistant, reduces maintenance, and is easy to install. They are the pioneer for the marine and utility trailer products.

  • BULLDOGtrailer jack

BULLDOG is another renowned brand for manufacturing trailer jacks. The jacks have a smooth, comfortable, ergonomic design that has been shown to be reliable over time at rated loads. Leading agricultural, commercial, horse, livestock, and other trailer manufacturers regard them as the industry standard. 

  • Black Jack

Black Jack is a renowned trailer jack brand that offers a Black Jack trailer jack and a Black Jack clamp. The Black Jack trailer jack is popular in Australia and the USA, and is mostly used for caravans, boat trailers, horse trailers, and work trailers.

Made in Australia, this trailer jack features six chassis bolt holes, 460mm stroke, a powder-coated finish, and a removable footpad extension.


3. How to Find a Trailer Jack Supplier in Australia

With so many trailer jack suppliers in the Australian market, finding the right supplier for your needs can be overwhelming. Here are some tips for finding the right trailer jack for your needs.

  • According to Brand

It is best to settle for brands that make incredibly durable trailer jacks to deliver excellent durability. Trailer jacks from reputed brands are more likely to comply with all the safety and performance standards and regulations.

This will give you peace of mind when towing your trailer. Additionally, you will be assured that the product is crafted from the highest quality material that will serve you for years.

  • According to Distributor

A good distributor will offer exceptional trailer jacks that can deliver great performance to meet users’ expectations. You can get a distributor in your local area to find a trailer jack to match your tow needs. Alternatively, you can research online and find a distributor that can deliver top-rated trailer jacks to you.

  • Quality Importer

When looking for a trailer jack supplier, you may want to consider a renowned importer for providing amazing trailer jack ranges.

  • Import Directly

Most importers in Australia get their trailer jacks from China. Therefore, you can choose to import your trailer jack directly from China. However, before you take this root, ensure that you do your homework and find a trusted supplier to purchase your trailer jack from. Also, compare the price of different suppliers in China and look for one that offers quality trailer jacks at an reasonable price without compromising quality.

4. Importing Suggestions

If you are considering importing your trailer jack, there are several things you should consider. Here are some suggestions that may prove helpful to you.

  • If you are in West Australia, we highly suggest that you import your trailer jack from suppliers from the port of Perth. This port is medium-sized and handles many cargoes each year.
  • If you are in the east of Australia, you may want to consider the port of Brisbane or Sydney for your importing needs. The port of Sydney is the largest container port in Australia. Similarly, the port of Brisbane is considered the busiest port in the country and the largest seaport in Queensland State. The port is also fast-growing and has strict environmental regulations.
  • If you are in the Southeast of Australia, you can decide to use the port of Melbourne or Adelaide to import your trailer jack. The port of Adelaide is considered Australia’s largest southern port and handles the majority of the port activity in the area.

australia map

Before importing your trailer jack, it is crucial to familiarize yourself with the importing process and understand your duty as an importer. For instance, it is essential to research the necessary licenses and permits required. You may not need a license to import goods to Australia in most cases.

You also need to understand the taxes, duties, and charges, which may vary with the value of goods. What’s more, you need to comply with certain laws and regulations when importing your trailer jack to prevent heavy fines or your goods from being seized. This will also help to reduce costly delays so you can start towing your trailer.

5. About TowMax

Tow-Max is a trailer jack supplier in China with unmatched experience in the industry. We leverage our expertise to supply our clients with top-notch trailer jacks crafted from high-quality materials.

Tow-Max’s stable relationship with more than 30 leading trailer part manufacturers enables quick sourcing and delivery of high-quality. Hence, you can rest easy knowing that they are safe and meet the industry’s safety and performance standards.

Our mission is to enhance your towing experience by providing you with the highest quality trailer jacks at reasonable prices. We work with experienced dealers worldwide to provide you with everything you need to lift and lower your trailer with ease.

  • Extensive Collection

We offer a wide collection of trailer jacks to suit the needs of various clients. Our enormous collection can cater to different models and sizes, and our clients can find the most befitting for their specifications.

Tow-Max supplies trailer jacks for boat trailers, campers, utility trailers, catering trailers, horse trailers, and more. Also, different types of trailer jacks are available, including electric trailer jacks and manual trailer jacks.

Our electric-powered models are easy to use and save you from manual work. Although expensive, they handle larger trailers with ease, and the operation is instant with a press on the button.

On the other hand, manual trailer jacks require some effort to raise or lower the trailer. Although affordable than their electric counterparts, manual jacks can be difficult to use and work best with smaller trailers.

  • Carrying Capacity

It is crucial to own a trailer jack that is strong enough to support what you will be towing. Here at Tow-Max, we provide a wide variety of trailer jacks with the lift capacity to accommodate different trailer tongue weights.

Whatever the tongue weight of your trailer, we have the right trailer jack for you. A perfect fit trailer jack will help reduce wear and tear during driving.

  • Beautiful Appearance

While this is not the most important factor, our trailer jacks have appealing aesthetics and come with impressive features that bring the best out of your trailer.

  • Durable Wheels

Most of our trailer jacks are equipped with durable wheels, offering great value for money. Plus, the wheels glide smoothly, and this eliminates the heavy work of pushing your trailer manually.

  • Warranty

All our trailer jacks have a decent warranty that guarantees their quality and gives you peace of mind. The warranty may differ with the brands, with some having a limited lifetime warranty.