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Have you ever experienced the following problems when purchasing trailer parts?   

  • Customers need to buy a lot of goods. It isn’t easy to purchase all products from one supplier. So, they need to purchase from multiple suppliers.
  • Procurement from multiple suppliers, delivery time, and quality is difficult to control; supply chain costs are high.
  • When the quantity of goods does not reach the MOQ, it is not easy to buy. Even for purchasing, the price is very high.

Recently, we had a business relationship with a customer like this.


Customer profile:

customer profile

pros & cons

1. TOW-MAX supply multiple trailer parts

2. We guarantee products quality

3. TOW-MAX communicate with customers on the details

4. Excellent packaging

5. Experienced in mixed loading

6. Detail check list

7. Final talk

1. TOW-MAX supply multiple goods & different quantities

TOW-MAX has been engaged in the trailer parts business in China for 15 years. We manufacture some trailer parts. In addition, we have in-depth cooperation with many leading manufacturers in the trailer parts industry. We are engaged in the export business of trailer parts and domestic trade and domestic retail business. We have a large warehouse, which always has many types and styles of trailer parts. We can provide customers with a one-stop service for multiple goods purchases of different quantities.


2. TOW-MAX guarantee product quality

We are trailer parts suppliers that work with industry leaders. They are strict in material selection and use highly automated assembly line equipment in the manufacturing process. Each process has a professional inspector for quality inspection. In addition, our company also sends quality inspectors to the factory to conduct preliminary, middle, and final inspections of production. We guarantee product quality and reliable performance.



3. TOW-MAX communicate with customers on the details

In the product’s production process, we will often communicate with customers on the details of the product to avoid any errors.


4. Excellent packaging.

The packaging of the product directly affects the completeness of the product when the customer receives the product. We think from the perspective of customers and pay attention to every detail. The clients are also very satisfied with our packaging and would like to cooperate again.



5. Experienced in mixed loading.

When the goods are shipped, we first place the goods to be loaded in one area. Our warehouse manager makes a second count according to the order quantity. During the loading process, we have specialists who supervise the whole process. We are very experienced in mixed loading. For each order, we strictly arrange the order of cargo loading, reinforcement, etc. We ensure that the goods arrive at the customer’s warehouse in good condition after long-distance transportation.


6. Detail check list

To facilitate our customers to check the products they ordered, we have posted a clear mark with a number for each pallet. In addition, we also provide a detailed product list. For example, product A, 250 pieces, in No. 2 pallet,  product E,  130 pieces, in No. 6 pallet, etc. To facilitate customers to find products and count the quantity quickly.

check list

In addition, for some small accessories, and small quantity products, we usually put a sticker on them and attach the picture below to the checklist. This makes it very easy for customers to find the goods.


7. Final talk

If you encounter the same problem during the purchasing process, you may wish to contact us through TOW-MAX. Our TOW-MAX professional team will help you solve all of the issues you encounter in the supply chain process and provide one-stop, all-around services.